Destination Wedding/Christening Videographers/ Cinematographers

One of the very first that did a 'same day edited trailer' worldwide

First that did wedding/christening cinematography in Cyprus

After I struggled through high school, I worked hard with my father in his construction business. I did not study, I tried, but I always failed, never had the motivation or focus. What I did and what I was always passionate about was writing my own stories and making my own movies at home first.

My dad bought this Handycam camera and while he was at work, I ''stole'' it almost daily to film my goals. Inspired by the character of Rocky, I began my journey.

I was, and still am, a huge fan of film music and soundtracks. For many years, as a teenager and later as a young adult, I was driven by an irrepressible desire to get better and better at filmmaking, even though I was a total self-promoter.

How I got into weddings was by accident. I was shooting a new film with friends and rented a theatre to screen it. The night of the premiere, one person asked me if I would be interested in filming his wedding. At first I thought he was joking, but later and a week before his wedding I found out he was dead serious. I fell into the trap of goodwill and could not let him not have a photographer for his special day.

I had absolutely no idea about weddings, they never appealed to me, but with my small team we managed to achieve a successful result. The request for new video and photography work came quickly and later more followed. I managed to get out of my father's business (which I did not mind as I was not the best contractor).
That was just the beginning. From small wedding parties in my village and later bigger events in town and Cyprus, the bar was raised higher and higher.

The next big turning point came after a couple of years. Suddenly and while we were at a wedding, I had the idea to edit a wedding trailer of the wedding in progress and finish it before the wedding dance so the couple could watch it with their guests. The first SAMEDAYEDIT was born. It was so exciting and stressful at the same time, the result was rewarding and exciting, everyone was thrilled and overjoyed. It instantly became a trend that continues to this day. The best part was that my team and I received numerous requests from outside our little Cyprus. From Greece to Italy to Canada, the UK, Switzerland and Germany, the best adventure was underway. The strongest motivation comes from the most demanding expectations and the pursuit of infinity, even if the road never ends, it is always magical. With a team I consider family first and colleagues second, and fueled by unique moments of true love, inspired by my personal life, my parents, my wife, and my daughter, I firmly believe in what Stallone once said, "If you find the right people who gel with, then you'll feel invincible." Here are the ultimate chasers of the moment. Welcome to the world of Oscar Studios

Ps : Oscar as the name of our team does not come from the Oscars, but from a movie of Sly Stallone called ''OSCAR''


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