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'Some men see things as they are and say why, I dream things that never were and say, why not' – George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950).

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Destination Wedding/Christening Videographers/ Cinematographers

One of the very first that did a 'same day edited trailer' worldwide

First that did wedding/christening cinematography in Cyprus

I never studied... I worked hard on a construction site just to buy my first camera. But as they say, where there's passion, there's success. I named my company Oscar because that was the title I gave to the characters I wrote about and the movies I made growing up. Oscar has a lot of meaning to me, it's a symbol of the passion and imagination I put into each of my works. In 2009, after doing a friend's wedding on the spur of the moment, I founded Oscar Studios. Since then, I have enjoyed making wedding videos and films and especially wedding stories. Capturing the story and emotion of each couple's day is what I set out to do. My dreams and hopes are to get better and then better again. I see my journey much like Rocky. I will continue to fight hard to perfect my skills, but instead of the boxing gloves, I will be holding the camera. This is just the beginning.


About Me


  • Limassol, Cyprus